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1984—the band o' death begins "Do you actually have to press the string, or just put your finger over it?"Jeff, 1983

The Band o' Death (the code name for Half Life) was formed in late 1983 by Mike LaVella and Jeff Lamm after the break-up of Real Enemy, the first hardcore band in Pittsburgh. Realizing that the scene had just started, and should continue, the two set out to continue, not knowing what they would unleash....

The first gig was at the New Group Theatre, May 5th 1984 and consisted of:

  • Jeff Lamm-vocals
  • Mike LaVella-bass
  • Mike Michalski-guitar
  • Blair Powell-drums

This was somewhat of a landmark show, as it combined The Five-Pittsburgh's established alternative band with a much younger band and it's (small) crowd. 1983 (the year hardcore happened in the 'burgh) saw very few all-ages gigs, but this was to be the year that Pittsburgh hardcore started it's lift-off.


1984   |    1985   |    1986   |    1987